ESSENTIAL-Line Refrigerators


Each unit consists of a robust housing and quality components "Made in Germany". This ensures reliability and durability, which ultimately is good for your budget. The ESSENTIAL-Line standard equipment features:

  • Forced-air cooling
  • Optimized ventilation plates to minimize interior temperature differences
  • Easy-to-read LED temperature display
  • Automatical defrosting and melt water evaporation
  • Micro-processor based control
  • Optical and acoustical alarm in case of temperature deviation
  • Potential free contact for alarm transmission
  • Ventilation grid
  • Lockable door
  • Low-noise compressor for ultra silent cooling
Standard equipment 1  

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>> ESSENTIAL-Line: Standard equipment

Kirsch MedikamnetenkühlschränkeF

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>> ESSENTIAL-Line: Pharmaceutical Refrigerators 

Kirsch Blutkühlschränke Blood cooling

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>> ESSENTIAL-Line: Blood Bank Refrigerators

Kirsch Laborkühlschränke

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>> ESSENTIAL-Line: Laboratory Refrigerators

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