Temperature Documentation

Quality assurance requirements often include complete and reliable temperature documentation. Manual on-site data logging is often very time-consuming and imprecise. With temperature documentation solutions by KIRSCH the job is done fast and easy- Whether with our KIRSCH-PC-KIT package or our traditional, mechanical recording thermometer options.

The KIRSCH-PC-KIT enables you to create the temperature documentation and to evaluate and monitor live a KIRSCH refrigerator or freezer with a conventional PC. Older KIRSCH models can be retrofitted with KIRSCH-DATALOG to facilitate a PC-based temperature documentation.

ATTENTION: Software-Update KIRSCH-DATANET 4.2. If interested, please contact us. All relevant software changes can be found in our brochure 'temperature documentation' under the heading Software KIRSCH-DATANET.

Here you find information on upgrading and retrofitting your cooling device.

If you prefer a mechanical method for recording the temperature then your choice will be the disc-type recording thermometer or the pen-recording thermometer.

>> NEW: installation service of your temperature documentation. Contact us! We will be happy to make you an individual offer.


For data logging and monitoring: PC-KIT-NET for integration into your network or PC-KIT-USB-MONITORING as a single-user version. For data logging only: PC-KIT-STICK.

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KIRSCH-DATALOG permits the retrofitting of electronic temperature documentation and monitoring.

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Disc-type recording thermometer

This thermometer is installed in the panel of the refrigerator or freezer or it is integrated in an additional assembly on top of the device...

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Pen-recording thermometer

For placing loosely inside appliance with waxed paper strips. This is the easiest way to retrofit the temperature documentation.

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External temperature documentation

Temperature sensor for connection to external PC-based temperature logging devices (e. g. KIRSCH-DATALOG) can be supplied at an extra cost.
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>> NEW: installation service of your temperature documentation. Contact us! We will be happy to make you an individual offer.



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